Assigning schedule items [Assignments tab]

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  1. In the Manage Staff screen, click the Assignments tab.
  2. Click the Schedule Items subtab or the Urgent subtab.


    • Schedule items are marked Urgent based on your user preferences. To see the reason an item is listed as urgent, click the Expand Expand button button to see the Urgent Reason in the grid.
    • To view or change your user preferences for scheduling, click the More Ellipse button in the Urgent tab, or choose Setup > User Preferences > Scheduling tab.
  3. Select a schedule item from the list.
  4. To determine whether a selected staff member is qualified, look for the Alert icon next to the staff name; this symbol means that their staff qualifications do not match the qualifications set up on the schedule item.

    Note: The Is Qualified column in the staff grid also displays whether a staff member is qualified for a selected schedule item.

  5. To assign the selected item to a staff member, do one of the following:
    • Click the item and drag it to the grid beneath the staff member’s name in the staff pane.
    • Right-click the schedule item and choose Assign to, and then choose either Work Queue or a specific staff member.

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