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You can use this calculator to compare the cost of buying versus leasing equipment. 


  • Since the option to buy provides equity in the equipment, the application subtracts this amount from total costs to arrive at the amount in the Net cost field.
  • The calculator determines the ending market value by multiplying the amount in the Residual percent field by the amount in the Purchase price field.
  • The Lost interest on payments field displays the interest that could have been earned if the money spent on the equipment was invested instead.


Field Input
Purchase price $20,000
Sales tax rate 7%
Residual percentage 60%
Buying Leasing
Down payment $1,000 $1,000
Term of loan or lease in months 60 24
Annual interest rate 8%
Monthly payment $424.35
Annual rate of return 8% 8%

In this example, leasing would cost less than buying over the 24 month period in this comparison. The difference between the two options is $922.18.


  • The annual interest rate is the interest rate on the loan used to purchase the equipment.
  • The annual rate of return is the rate of return expected on invested funds.
  • The residual percentage equals the value of the equipment at the end of the lease period.

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