Retirement Account Aggregation Calculator

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You can use this calculator to combine the contribution details of up to three retirement accounts to arrive at a total savings at the beginning of retirement and the monthly income stream.


  • The calculator discounts the present value of the future retirement savings using the inflation rate.
  • The present value of the monthly income is as of the date of retirement.


If the taxpayer has an IRA with $20,000 to which she no longer makes contributions, and she has an active 401(k), what is her total expected retirement income?

Field Input
Account 1 Account 2
Current investment balance $20,000 $35,000
Annual contribution $0 $5,500
Years until retirement 25 25
Annual rate of return 8% 8%
Years of retirement 20 20
Annual rate of return during retirement 6% 6%
Inflation rate 3% 3%

In this example, the two accounts combine for a total of $778,748.80 at retirement, and there is a monthly income of $5,579.20. The inflation adjusted present value of these two amounts is $371,934.77 and $2,664.66, respectively.

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