Record of Loan Payments and Rate Changes Calculator

Alerts and notices

This calculator produces a historical payment schedule. It allows for changes in payment dates, payment amounts, and interest rates. It also computes deferred interest and allows for additions to principal during the loan, such as late fees.

First, establish the loan with input in the first four fields:

Then, as payments are made, enter the date of the payment, the amount, and interest rate to be used since the last payment. The interest rate will automatically fill in when the user enters a rate in the preceding Interest Rate field, however, the user can enter a different rate for each payment.

Payments are applied in the following order:

Generating a payment schedule automatically

The application can generate a payment schedule automatically by starting with the Custom Loan Payment Schedule calculator and then using the Export to Record of Loan Payments feature. Click to view the procedure.

Working in the input grid

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