Mortgage Comparison Calculator

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This calculator produces a net loan cost amount, which can be used to compare different types of mortgages.


  • To make the comparisons, the costs are recomputed in present value terms and totaled in the Net loan cost field.
  • The Discount rate field is used to bring back or discount all future payments and future tax savings into today's dollars.

Special Information

For loans of different sizes, the Cost to net mortgage ratio field provides a helpful number in determining which loan is a better value. This ratio can help the individual decide about paying points. When points are financed, the proceeds from the loan are less, therefore the cost of the loan should be less. The Cost of proceeds ratio helps with comparing the points and no points options.


  • This calculator assumes that points are financed; therefore, they are included in the Loan amount field.
  • If the individual has no plans to sell the property, leave the Month until property sold field blank.

Copying and pasting loan payment schedules into Microsoft Excel or other applications

View this procedure to find out how you can copy loan payment schedules from this calculator to the application clipboard, and then paste them into Microsoft Excel or other applications.

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