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You can retrieve and store blank tax organizers e-mailed to clients.

You must save a PDF of the organizer to an accessible folder before starting this procedure.

To retrieve an email organizer PDF:

  1. Choose File > Retrieve E-mail Organizer.
  2. Navigate to the location where you saved the PDF of the email organizer and select it.
  3. Click the Retrieve button.
  4. Save the organizer with the appropriate client and name.

    ToolBox CS opens the retrieved organizer, allowing staff to review, make modifications, and save the organizer data to a specific client.

1040 Tax Organizer – 2016

Airline Personnel

Alien (Non-U.S. Citizen)

Daycare Provider

Direct Sellers



Fiduciary Tax – Initial Year

Gift Tax

Long Haul Truckers and Overnight Drivers

Oil and Gas Income and Deductions


Corporation Short-form

Partnership Short-form

S-Corporation Short-form

Note: You can export a nonresident alien organizer to UltraTax CS. You must review the organizer data carefully before performing the import. See this topic for more information.

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