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The Firm dialog displays your firm's contact information, EIN and EFIN, and web address. Information entered here automatically transfers to corresponding fields on forms that contain these fields.

In addition, the fax number and web address transfer to certain documents, such as the Fax Cover Sheet, Memo, and Missing Information Sheet.

To open the Firm dialog, click the Firm Firm button button on the toolbar.

Fields & buttons

Firm Identification group box

The name, address, and phone number of the firm appears in the window.

Firm Information group box

Enter the EIN (employer identification number) in this field.

Enter the EFIN (electronic filing identification number) in this field.

If you have a website, enter the web address in this field.

Phone numbers group box

Enter the area code and phone/fax numbers. If you would like clients to use a phone number other than the number that appears in the window, you can enter it here. The new phone number will transfer to the form, but the number that appears in the window will not change.

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