ToolBox CS keyboard shortcuts and function keys

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Keyboard shortcuts and function keys are keys you use alone or in combination with the ALT, CTRL, and/or SHIFT keys to quickly execute various commands. The following table lists the keyboard shortcuts and function keys available in ToolBox CS.

Shortcut keys Items
CTRL+A Selects all items in the list pane that have been saved to a client.
CTRL+D Deletes a selected client or item.
CTRL+N Opens a new item for the item group button that is currently selected. (For example, if the Form button is selected, CTRL+N opens a new form.) Also opens a new iteration of an open item.
CTRL+O Opens the selected client or item.
CTRL+P Opens the print dialog for an open item.
CTRL+S Opens the Save As dialog from within an open item when you are saving it for the first time. After your first save, CTRL+S saves your changes without closing the item.
ALT+S Saves and closes an item.
CTRL+Z Lets you undo your previous action in an item.
Shortcut keys Navigation pane
CTRL+0 Opens the Financial Calculators navigation pane.
CTRL+1 Opens the Tax Forms navigation pane.
CTRL+2 Opens the Tax Flowcharts navigation pane.
CTRL+3 Opens the Office Documents navigation pane.
CTRL+4 Opens the Clients navigation pane.
CTRL+5 Opens the Staff navigation pane.
CTRL+6 Opens the Firm dialog.
CTRL+SHIFT+S Opens the Staff dialog.
Shortcut keys Menu commands
ALT+F Opens the File menu.
ALT+E Opens the Edit menu.
ALT+V Opens the View menu.
ALT+U Opens the Utilities menu.
ALT+G Opens the Go menu.
ALT+H Opens the Help menu.
Function keys Other activities
F1 Opens ToolBox CS topics in the Help & How-To Center.
F5 Refreshes an item.
ALT+F1 Toggles the navigation pane on and off.
ALT+F4 Closes the application.

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