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See also: 1040 Client Organizer Help Center

If you are licensed for UltraTax/1040 Client Organizer, use this dialog to generate printed client organizers, send organizers to FileCabinet CS (if licensed), email PDF client organizers to clients, or provide them through a personalized, private web portal using the web organizer feature.

To open this dialog, choose File > Print Organizers.

From this dialog, you can also open other dialogs in which you can perform the following tasks.

Fields & buttons

Print where group box

Mark this checkbox if you want to print paper copies of the selected documents or if you want to print to the UltraTax CS Spool.

Note: You must mark this checkbox in order to deliver organizers via the Email PDF, PDF to file in, or Web options.

Unless you are printing to the UltraTax CS Spool, this field displays the printer you selected in UltraTax CS or the default printer you have set up for Windows applications. To change the printer to which UltraTax CS prints, click the Printer button.

Mark this checkbox if you want to store copies of the selected documents in FileCabinet CS.


  • This checkbox is available only if you are licensed for FileCabinet CS and have it installed.
  • If you mark only this checkbox and not the Printer checkbox, the Print button at the bottom of this dialog becomes the To Cabinet button. Click this button to print the selected documents to FileCabinet CS.
  • An organizer cannot be printed to File Drawer.

Use this drop-down list to choose the FileCabinet CS data location where you want to print the selected documents. This field is available only if you mark the FileCabinet CS checkbox, are licensed for FileCabinet CS, and have it installed.

Click this button to open the Select Printer dialog in which you can change the default printer for UltraTax CS or choose the UltraTax CS Spool for this print job.

Print what group box

Mark this option to print the organizer or the client copy of the return to paper.

Mark this option to print the organizer to a Portable Document Format (PDF) file and attach it to an email message.


  • You must enter client and firm email addresses and configure other email options before using this feature. To do so, choose Setup > Client Communications.
  • Use the Email To column in the Setup > Client Communications dialog to designate the addresses to which email communications (such as returns and organizers sent via email, or confirmation emails for web delivery and web organizers) are sent: the taxpayer's, the spouse's, or both.

Mark this option to print the organizer to a Portable Document Format (PDF) file and store it in the location specified. Click the Browse button adjacent to this field to select the destination for the PDF file.

Note: If you are running UltraTax CS through Virtual Office CS or Software as a Service (SaaS), you can navigate to files on your local network.

Mark this option to print the organizer to a Portable Document Format (PDF) file that your clients can access via the Web.


  • If you entered your firm's website address on the Web Delivery Options dialog (Setup > Client Communications > Web Delivery Options button) and added the link to your website, your client can open this document by clicking that link. Otherwise, your client will open this document by clicking a link in the email that is automatically generated when you upload the file via CS Connect.
  • Use the drop-down list in the Web Delivery Options dialog, accessible via the Setup > Client Communications dialog, to select which email address (Firm, Preparer, Reviewer, or Staff) UltraTax uses to send clients notification emails about their web organizers and web tax returns. If a client does not have a preparer or staff member assigned, or if the assigned preparer or staff member does not have an email address entered, the firm's email address is used.

Mark this option to send organizers to the destination specified in the Organizer Delivery column of the Setup > Client Communications dialog.

Other fields and buttons

Mark the checkbox if you want to update the client's status when you print. Use the drop-down list to select the status event that you want to log when the client is printed.

Note: This field is not available until you set up custom status events using the Setup > Office Configuration > Status tab.

By default, UltraTax CS prints the items based on the collation set in the Return Collation or Input Screen Printing dialog. Click this button to open the Print Options dialog which you can use to select different items to print for the open client. (The dialog that opens varies depending on what you are printing.)


  • UltraTax CS calculates the return before opening the Print Options dialog.
  • You cannot modify the print collation if you are printing items for two or more clients at the same time.

Click this button to open the Select Clients to Print dialog, in which you can choose the clients whose documents you want to print. By default, UltraTax CS will print the open client's documents.

Note: If you are printing items for two or more clients at the same time, you cannot modify the print collation for this print job.

Click this button to preview the forms, organizers, or input screens on the screen before you print them.

Note: This button is not available if you are printing items for two or more clients at the same time.

To specify the number of copies you want to print, enter a number (up to 9) in this field or use the arrows to increase or decrease the number.

Note: By default, the number of copies entered here is retained for subsequent print jobs. To rest the number back to 1, clear the Retain the number of copies selected on the Print dialogs checkbox in the Setup > User Preferences > Misc tab.

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