5500-US: Viewing the contents of custom paragraphs (FAQ)

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How do I view the contents of all custom paragraphs that are included in UltraTax/5500?


Follow these steps to view the contents of custom paragraphs in UltraTax/5500.

  1. Choose Setup > 5500 Benefit Plans > Letters & Emails.
  2. Click the Custom Paragraphs tab.
  3. Select a custom paragraph and then click Open to display it's contents.

The following is a summary of each custom paragraph.

No. Description Paragraph summary
1 Certified Mail (TL) Certified mail with postmarked receipts is recommended for timely filing.
2 Mailing Envelopes (TL) Mailing envelopes are enclosed with the client's copy of the return for convenient filing.
3 Statement (TL) Invoice for services rendered enclosed.
5 Participant Stmt (FI) Participants should receive a copy of their individual statement of account.
6 Privacy Policy (TL) Privacy of client information.
8 Private Delivery Services (TL) Methods of submitting Form 5500-EZ via private delivery services that meet the IRS requirements.
28 IRS Phishing Email (G) Reminder that the IRS does not send out unsolicited email messages that request detailed personal information.
29 Disclaimer (TL) Any tax advice contained in this communication is not intended or written to be used to avoid imposed penalties.

Note: You may edit existing custom paragraphs or create new ones. See Customizing client documents: custom paragraphs.

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