Screen Letter - Client Documents (1120)

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Transmittal Letters and Filing Instructions

Enter the salutation you want to appear in the transmittal letter. Do not include "Dear" in the salutation.

The application uses the address selected in the Heading for shareholder transmittal letter field in Setup > 1120 Corporation > Other Return Options > Client Documents tab for the shareholder transmittal letter and slipsheet. To use a different address for the current client, select the option from the fieldview.

You need to select the St. Thomas, VI 00802 address if the return will be filed with the V.I. Bureau of Internal Revenue and not with the Internal Revenue Service. The application does not automatically determine if the return should be filed with the V.I. Bureau of Internal Revenue.

The Internal Revenue Service requires all income and estimated tax payments to be deposited via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). If the corporate return is filed electronically, you can also pay the balance due on the return and the estimated tax payments via Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW).

If the taxpayer will use the ACH Debit method, enter 1 or select it from the fieldview. The filing instructions will indicate that the taxpayer should make the payment by Electronic Funds Transfer at least one business day before the due date of the return. The taxpayer needs to contact the EFTPS Financial Agent of the U.S. Treasury and direct the agent to initiate a withdrawal from the taxpayer's account.

If you leave these fields blank, the application will default to option 1 (ACH Debit).

Miscellaneous Variables and Mailing Slipsheet

Screen Letter contains four Miscellaneous fields: two fields for defining miscellaneous text variables and two fields for defining miscellaneous amount variables. Use these variables in segments of transmittal letters, filing instructions, and invoices when UltraTax CS does not provide the desired variable. Enter the text or amounts you want to use for the miscellaneous variables in these fields. For more information on inserting the text or amount variables, see Customizing client documents: variables.

For purposes of the mailing slipsheet and mailing label only, enter text into this field to direct the mailing envelope to the attention of a particular person.

To change the name and address information on the Client Mailing Slipsheet, enter the necessary information in the corresponding fields.

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