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Use the state tabs in the Shareholder Information window to enter state-specific information for shareholders. State tabs appear only if you have added states to the return.

To update a shareholder's state-specific information, click that shareholder in the Shareholder Information window, and then click the appropriate state tab.

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Mississippi information group box

If the shareholder is a nonresident, enter a code from the following table or select the code from the attached drop-down list to indicate the type of nonresident filing to be made by the shareholder. If the shareholder is a nonresident, UltraTax CS defaults to treating the shareholder as having an income tax agreement already on file.

Code Description
1 Nonresident income tax agreement on file (default)

This is the default option for a nonresident shareholder when a code is not selected from the drop-down list. Select this option to indicate the shareholder has already filed Form 84-380 - Non-Resident Income Tax Agreement. If you select this option, UltraTax CS will not complete Form 84-380 for this shareholder.
2 Nonresident income tax agreement required

Select this option if the shareholder is filing Form 84-380 Non-Resident Income tax Agreement with the corporation to hold on file. UltraTax CS will complete Form 84-380 for this shareholder.
3 Composite filer

Select this option to indicate that the corporation is filing a composite return on behalf of a nonresident shareholder. UltraTax CS calculates the total income tax due on Form 84-105 for all composite nonresident shareholders, indicates on Form 84-131 that this shareholder is a composite filer, and marks the Included in nonresident composite return checkbox on Form 84-132.

UltraTax CS provides this statement dialog for supplemental information specific to each shareholder. Use this statement dialog for items that are not pro-rata. If you have pro-rata items that need to be reported to each shareholder, use Section A in Screen MSKSep. UltraTax CS prints the information you enter in this statement dialog in the shareholder's Mississippi Schedule K-1 statements.

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