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Use the state tabs in the Shareholder Information window to enter state-specific information for shareholders. State tabs appear only if you have added states to the return.

To update a shareholder's state-specific information, click that shareholder in the Shareholder Information window, and then click the appropriate state tab.

Fields & buttons

Utah information group box

If the shareholder is a nonresident, enter a code from the following table or select the code from the drop-down list to indicate the type of nonresident filing to be made by the shareholder. If the shareholder is a nonresident, UltraTax CS defaults to calculating withholding on Schedule N for the shareholder.

Code Description

Withholding (default)

This is the default filing for nonresident shareholder when a code is not selected from the drop-down list. Select this option to indicate the shareholder is subject to withholding on Schedule N.

Exempt from withholding

Select this option to indicate the shareholder is exempt from withholding. UltraTax CS does not complete Schedule N for this shareholder.

Withholding waiver request

Select this option to indicate the shareholder is requesting a withholding waiver. UltraTax CS marks the corresponding checkboxes on Schedules N and K-1 for the shareholder.

UltraTax CS provides this statement dialog for supplemental information specific to each shareholder. Use this statement dialog for items that are not pro-rata. If you have pro-rata items that need to be reported to each shareholder, use Section A in Screen UTKSep. UltraTax CS prints the information you enter in this statement dialog in the Utah Schedule K-1 statements.

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