Form 6198 - At-risk calculations FAQs (1040)

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The following includes answers to common questions about Form 6198.

Why are suspended passive loss, section 179, and capital loss carryovers from last year not being limited by Form 6198?

Why are carryover losses limited by Form 6198 in previous years being limited by Form 6198 in the current year?

Does the at-risk limitation come before investment interest limitation?

What income items from Screens K1 and K1-4 does UltraTax CS automatically include in Form 6198 calculations?

What does UltraTax CS do if Form 6198, line 5, shows a current-year loss?

How does UltraTax CS calculate loss limitations?

How do I access the State allocation spreadsheet in Screen 6198?

How do I allocate federal amounts to the applicable states displayed in the State allocation spreadsheet?

Can I make the Reg. 1.1367-1(f) election for alternative ordering rules for at-risk allocation of expenses?

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