1040-US: Preparing Form 433-F to file without Form 9465

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How do I prepare Form 433-F to file without Form 9465?


On Screen 433 in the Payments folder, enter the Form 433-A filer in the T, S, J field, and then enter 3 in the Type of Collection Information Statement field. The form will not calculate unless data is entered in these fields.

Note: Form 433-F calculates based on information included in the tax return, such as addresses and income/expenses as displayed on the Business Income and Expenses Worksheet and on the Household Income and Expenses Worksheet. However, data entry on Screen 433 and 433-2 will supersede tax return data for this separate filing. Refer to the Screen 433 and Screen 433-2 help topics to ensure you are entering relevant information, because some fields are used only for Form 433-A or Form 433-A (OIC).

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