1040-US: Preparing Form 433-A (OIC) and Form 656

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How do I prepare Form 433-A (OIC) and Form 656?


Form 433-A (OIC)

On Screen 433 in the Payments folder, enter the Form 433-A filer in the T, S, J field, and then enter 2 in the Type of Collection Information Statement field. The form will not calculate or print unless data is entered in these fields.


  • Form 433-A will calculate based on information included in the tax return such as addresses and income/expenses as displayed on the Business Income and Expenses Worksheet and on the Household Income and Expenses Worksheet, but data entry on Screens 433 and 433-2 will supersede tax return data for this separate filing. Refer to the help topics for Screens 433 and 433-2 to ensure you are entering relevant information, because some fields are used only for Form 433-A or Form 433-F.
  • Form 433-A must be paper filed.

Form 656

On Screen 656 in the Payments folder, enter the Form 656 filer in the T, S, J field at the top. The form will not calculate or print unless data is entered in this field and on Screen 433.


  • Up to two Forms 656 can calculate for tax liabilities where one taxpayer or spouse are liable for some tax years and the couple is jointly liable for other tax years. One Form 433-A (OIC) will be included with each such Form 656 filing.
  • Form 656 will calculate based on the offer amount calculated on Form 433-A (OIC) and details entered on Screen 656. The calculation for the Low-Income Certification is also made based on Form 433-A (OIC) Box F. Screen 656 offers force fields to supersede these computations if desired. A summary of the requested offer payment terms is available for client use on the Form 656 Offer in Compromise (OIC) Summary.

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