1040-US: Printing filing instructions

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My extension filing instructions are not printing. What do I do?


Verify the extension print options. To do so, choose File > Print Extensions, and click the Options button. Click the Extension Print Options tab and verify that the Suppress client documents checkbox is cleared.

Review your print collation settings for the extension filing instructions. To do so, choose Setup > 1040 Individual, and on the Federal tab click the Tax Return button in the Collation group box. Enter Extension filing instructions in the Find what field, highlight Extension Filing Instructions in the Return items list, and review the options selected in the Print conditions and When filing electronically group boxes. Click the Client and Preparer tabs to review your selections for those collations.

Note: By default, the Government collation selects As required and Print on paper. If you proforma’d your print collations from the prior year, the application may have overwritten the default settings.

For more troubleshooting steps, see UltraTax CS: Printing filing instructions.

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