Screen 8829 - Home Office Expenses (1040)

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Home Office General Information

The description entered in this field is used as the unit description. This field is mandatory.

When processing a state return, enter the two-character postal code for the state to which this unit belongs. This code is used by the various state applications to help determine in-state and out-of-state amounts.

Note: A postal code entry is required for proper state processing.

See State fields in UltraTax/1040 for more information.

Enter X in this field to use the simplified method of computing the home office deduction. When marked, UltraTax CS will use the information entered in the Business Use of Home section for square footage, and the activity's income to compute the simple method of home office per Schedule C, Profit or Loss from Business instructions. A nonsubmittable statement will print to support the calculation.

Note: Amounts entered for mortgage interest and real estate taxes will transfer to Schedule A.

If the client has more than one home office for the same activity, enter the number 1 or 2.

If the client has more than one home office relating to the same activity, enter a description that differentiates each office. For example, enter "Home on Baxter Road," or "Home on Main Street." You can also enter the street address of each location of the home office.

Enter a date in the fields when using the simplified home office method. The date you enter is used to calculate the area adjustment for part year use of the home.

Part II - Allowable Deductions

Enter an amount to override (force) the casualty loss amount calculated on Form 4684. UltraTax CS assumes that the casualty loss amount calculated on Form 4684 is directly related to the home office; if the amount is not directly related use this field to force the correct amount in both the direct and indirect expense columns. You may enter 0 (zero) in this field.

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