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Use this dialog to enter information to prepare the Consent to Use Tax Return Information to be used for all 1040 tax returns. When using this option, you do not have to access every client to enter consent information. To print a Consent to Use with Client Organizer, choose Setup > 1040 Individual, click the Organizer tab, click the Consent button, and click the Consent to Use tab. Use the Document Editing window to create and modify all client documents including consent letters, transmittal letters, filing instructions, custom paragraphs, and invoices. For more information, see Customizing client documents.

To view this tab, choose Setup > 1040 Individual, click the Federal tab, click the Other Return Options button, and then click the Consent to Use tab.


  • If consent to use information has also been entered in Screen Consent in the General folder for a client, Screen Consent data entry for consent to use will supersede this dialog. Specific uses of tax return information fields in this dialog will appear after items listed on Screen Consent, if applicable.
  • Use Screen Consent in the General folder to print a Consent to Use for purposes of providing Electronic Refund Disbursement Services.

IRC Section 7216 requires preparers to receive consent from their clients to disclose or use their tax information for purposes other than preparing their tax return, and in certain limited situations, for purposes involving tax return preparation. This includes using "third party" return data entry services, offering Electronic Refund Disbursement Services from Refund Advantage, or products or services such as mortgage loans, mutual funds, individual retirement accounts, and life insurance.

Thomson Reuters cannot provide tax preparers with legal advice on these provisions. We strongly recommend that you seek counsel from your own legal advisor as to the specific consequences to, and requirements for, tax preparers regarding IRC Section 7216 and the regulations. This would include seeking counsel prior to using any data mining searches for anything other than the preparation of tax returns, to ensure you are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Fields & buttons

Consent to Use group box

Enter information in this section to prepare the Consent to Use Tax Information.

Enter the name of the third party if one is involved in the specific use of tax return information.

Indicate up to four specific uses of the taxpayer's tax information. An option to affirmatively select each use will be printed on the consent form. You must make an entry in one of these four fields to print a Consent to Use.

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