Interim Closing Annualization toolbar (1065)

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The Interim Closing Annualization window includes a special toolbar that you can use to enter annualization information.

Interim Closing Annualization toolbar
Button Function
Expand / Collapse Folders button

Expand / Collapse Folders [Annualization menu]: Expand and collapse the input screen folders in the Annualization spreadsheet.

Shortcut: CTRL+O

Launch Partner Data Entry button

Launch Partner Data Entry [Annualization menu]: Open Partner Data Entry.

Shortcut: CTRL+R

Cut button

Cut [Edit menu]: Cut the selected text. Use this button to cut data from a cell or to cut and paste data from one cell to another cell.

Shortcut: CTRL+X

Copy button

Copy [Edit menu]: Copy the selected text. Use this button to copy data from one cell to another cell.

Shortcut: CTRL+C

Paste button

Paste [Edit menu]: Paste the selected text. Use this button to paste data from the clipboard into a cell.

Shortcut: CTRL+V

Print Reports button

Print Reports [Annualization menu]: Open the Print Reports dialog to print the Annualization Information Report.

Shortcut: CTRL+P

Apply Percentage to Column button

Apply Percentage to Column [Edit menu]: Open the Apply Percentage dialog to have UltraTax CS apply a specified percentage to the total and enter the calculated amounts in the selected ownership period.

Shortcut: CTRL+A

Find button

Find [Edit menu]: Open the Find dialog to search for an item in the Interim Closing Annualization window.

Shortcut: CTRL+F

Edit Note button

Edit Note [Edit menu]: Open the Field Note/Tick dialog to add or edit a note for the current tab, to delete a note for the current tab, or to delete all interim closing annualization notes. A musical note to the left of the tab name indicates an attached note. You can attach one note to each application.

Help button

Help: Activate help. Click this button to open the help for the Interim Closing Annualization window.

The Did you know button button in the toolbar opens a topic with links to detailed reference information and procedures about 1065 interim closing annualization.

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