Entering special allocations with advanced allocation schemes (1065)

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An advanced allocation scheme is used when two or more allocation methods are used to allocate a single amount. You can use various combinations of allocation types by adding up to two Absolute dollar columns, two Percentage columns, one Percentage column and one Units column, or two Greater of columns to the allocation scheme. Select the allocation methods to be used in the advanced scheme in the Advanced Allocation Scheme dialog, which you can open in either the Special Allocation of dialog or the Allocations window in Partner Data Entry. See Types of allocations (1065) for information about the seven types of allocation components.

  1. To open the Advanced Allocation Scheme dialog, do one of the following:
    • Click the Ptr Alloc Partner Allocation button button next to the field that contains the information that you want to specially allocate to open the Special Allocation of dialog, mark the Specially allocate checkbox, click the Advanced option in the Allocation scheme group box, and click the Define Scheme Define Scheme button button.
    • Click the Partner Information Partner Information button button, choose View > Partner Information, or press CTRL+R; click the Allocations button; in the Allocation list, select the application > folder > screen > field of the amount you want to specially allocate; mark the Specially allocate checkbox; click the Advanced option in the Allocation scheme group box; and click the Define Scheme Define Scheme button button.
  2. To use a previously-defined advanced allocation scheme, highlight the desired format from the Previously Used Schemes pane, and click the Select button to move the components to the Advanced Scheme pane.

    To create a new advanced allocation scheme, select the allocation types in the Allocation Components pane, and click the Add button to move the component to the Advanced Scheme pane.

  3. To modify the format, you can add additional allocation components (step 2), click the Remove button, or click the Move Up and Move Down buttons.

    Note: You must follow certain ordering rules to ensure that the full amount is distributed to partners. For example, if you use percentage or unit, UltraTax CS may require that the percentage or unit be the last column of the advanced allocation scheme. Therefore, the Move Up button or Move Down button may not be available for all items.

  4. After you define your advanced allocation scheme, click OK to return to the Special Allocation of dialog.

    Note: The new format is saved and will be listed in the Previously Used Schemes pane the next time you open the Advanced Allocation Scheme dialog.

  5. In the columns in the Special Allocation grid, enter the amounts, units, or percentages of the amount you want to allocate to each partner.

    Note: When not also using a unit component, the final percentage column must total 100 percent. If the column does not equal 100 percent, UltraTax CS issues an error message and requires that the column entries be corrected.

  6. Click OK when you finish allocating the amount.

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