1065-US: Information, statements, and schedules required for each category of filer (FAQ)

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What information, statements, and schedules are required for each category of filer?


The following table details the information, statements, and schedules that are required for each category of filer. This table is also available in the Form 5471 instructions. If the foreign corporation has elected the summary procedure for dormant corporations, UltraTax CS prints only Form 5471, Page 1 and completes only the identifying information through line 1d.

Filer categories - Required Information Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Category 5
Identifying information X X X X
Schedule A X X
Schedule B X X
Schedules C, E, and F X X
Schedule G X X X X
Schedule H X X
Schedule I X X
Separate Schedule J X X
Separate Schedule M X
Separate Schedule O, Part I X
Separate Schedule O, Part II X

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