Screen INPNRA - Indiana Nonresident Apportionment (1040)

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Use this screen to complete Schedule IT-40PNRA, Indiana Apportioned Income for Nonresident Individuals. This screen is a multiple-unit input screen.

For part-year residents and nonresidents, Indiana source income from a Schedule C, Rental, Farm, or Farm Rental activity can be allocated and/or apportioned to Indiana to determine the amount taxable to Indiana if less than 100 percent of the total income for the activity is taxable in Indiana.

Allocation: For Indiana purposes, UltraTax CS assumes that any Schedule C, Rental, Farm, or Farm Rental income taxable to the residency period is handled via Allocation if less than 100 percent of the total income is taxable to Indiana.

For part-year residents, enter the percentage of income attributable to the residency period via the multi-state allocation spreadsheet on federal Screens C, Rent, F, or 4835. The amount allocated (to Indiana residency period) is included on the AGI Worksheet and on Schedule A, column B for the lines for business income, rental income, or farm income.

For nonresidents, no allocation percentage is entered in the allocation spreadsheet if income is subject to apportionment. The difference between total income and the income allocated to Indiana (if any) is subject to Apportionment to determine the taxable amount from the nonresident period.

Apportionment: The amount of non-allocated income (the difference between total income and the amount allocated to the residency period, if any) transfers to Screen INPNRA in the Income and Adjustments folder. Enter the "Within Indiana" portion of Total sales on Screen INPNRA. UltraTax uses this information to calculate Schedule IT-40PNRA to determine the portion of income subject to apportionment that is taxable in Indiana. The taxable amount from Schedule IT-40PNRA is reported on Schedule A, column B, line for apportioned income.

If none of the non-allocated income is taxable to Indiana, leave the Indiana factors blank in Screen INPNRA.

Note: The Indiana instate portion of self-employment tax adjustment reported on Schedule A does not account for taxable income from apportionment. Use the AGI Worksheet to override the Self-Employment tax adjustment to report on Schedule A.
UltraTax CS treats an activity as 100 percent allocated to Indiana (and therefore not subject to apportionment) if either of the following apply:
  • IN postal code is entered in the federal screen and no entry is made in the Multi-state allocation spreadsheet.
  • An entry is made in the Multi-state allocation spreadsheet to allocate 100 percent of federal net income to Indiana

General Information

Use this section to complete Part I, Taxpayer Information, of Schedule IT-40PNRA.

Allocation Information

Use this section to complete Part II, Adjusted Gross Business Income Subject to Apportionment, of Schedule IT-40PNRA. Enter amounts from nonresidency period.

Adjusted Gross Business Income

Use this section to complete Part III, Apportioned Income for Nonresident Individuals, of Schedule IT-40PNRA. Form IT-40PNRA does not calculate unless you enter data in this field. Enter amounts from nonresidency period.

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