Input Screen Field Selection dialog (Data Mining)

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Use the Input Screen Field Selection dialog to select UltraTax CS input screen fields as search criteria, variables in client letters, or column headings in custom reports. Navigate in this dialog as you do in UltraTax CS, using the input screen tabs and scroll bar to locate the desired field.

You can open this dialog in one of three ways.

Fields & buttons

Folders Block

The folders that appear in the folders block in the Input Screen Field Selection dialog are based on the Data Mining application database and the selected federal or state application. Input screens are grouped into folders based on the type of tax data you enter in them. For example, all input screens pertaining to farm information are contained in the Farm folder.

To see the full name of any folder, rest the mouse pointer over the folder for a moment.

Input screen tabs

When you click a folder in the folders block on the left side of the Data Mining Input Screen Field Selection dialog, all of the input screens contained in that folder appear as tabs at the top of the dialog. Click a tab to switch from one input screen to another.

Use the scroll bar on the right side of the dialog to locate the input screen field to be used as a search criterion, document variable, or report column heading. Click the field to highlight it, then click the Select button to add the field to the list.

Note: The Statement dialog Statement dialog button button precedes fields that have attached statement dialogs. To open the statement dialogs, highlight the input screen field, and either click the Statement dialog button or press E.

Statement fields

To open the Statement tab, click the Statement dialog Statement dialog button button or press E when the cursor is in an input screen field with an attached statement dialog. Each statement tab contains a field name button with an empty block below it for each field name in that statement dialog. To select a statement dialog field, click the field name button to highlight the block, then click the Select button.

Click this button to select a highlighted field as a search criterion, document variable, or report column heading.

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