Add or Modify Electronic Filing Attachment dialog

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MFA required for electronic filing

Effective May 3rd, the 2017 version of UltraTax CS requires multi-factor authentication (MFA) to transmit e-files from CS Connect. Find out more.

The Add Electronic Filing Attachment and the Modify Electronic Filing Attachment dialogs are nearly identical. Use these dialogs to add or edit file attachments for electronically filed returns.

To open the Add Electronic Filing Attachment dialog, choose Edit > Electronic Filing Attachments and click the Add button. To open the Modify Electronic Filing Attachment dialog, choose Edit > Electronic Filing Attachments and click the Edit button. The Electronic Filing Attachments command will be enabled only if you have a return open that is marked for electronic filing and the appropriate taxing authority accepts file attachments with electronically filed returns.

Fields & buttons

Use these drop-down lists to specify the product (federal or state), the return location where you are adding the attachment, and the title of the attachment. 

  • Product: Use this drop-down list to select the product (federal or state) in which you are adding an attachment.

    Note: If the federal or state product is missing from the Product drop-down list the return is either suppressed via the federal or state's Screen ELF, the return is not approved for electronic filing by the taxing authority, or the product does not support PDF attachments. To see if a state supports PDF attachments, see the State Electronic Filing Guide.
  • Return: Use this drop-down list to select the return location to which you are adding the attachment.

    Note: The drop-down list in the Return field will contain only those form locations for which the taxing authorities have approved electronic filing attachments.

  • Attachment title: Use this drop-down list to select the specific title from a list of attachments that the taxing authorities require for electronically filed returns. If the attachment is not in the drop-down list, enter the name of the attachment in this field.

    Note: For 5500 returns, all documents are listed in the drop-down list for the Attachment title field. You must use only the attachment titles listed in the drop-down list for the Attachment title field.

Use the options in this group box to specify the file you want to attach to the return.

  • Click the File option, click the Browse button to navigate to the appropriate location, and then select the desired Portable Document Format (PDF) file. If you have FileCabinet CS installed, you can also mark the Save a copy of selected file in FileCabinet CS checkbox to store the selected file as a FileCabinet CS document.

    Note: If you are running UltraTax CS through Virtual Office CS or Software as a Service (SaaS), you can navigate to files on your local network.

  • Click the 8865 option, and click the Browse button to attach an 8865 electronic file to the filer's federal return.
  • Click the FileCabinet CS option, and click the Select button to attach an embedded PDF that is stored in FileCabinet CS. Note that these fields are available only if you are licensed for FileCabinet CS and have FileCabinet CS installed.

Mark this checkbox to attach the same file that you specified in the Attachment file source group box to next year's electronically filed return.

Note: Mark this checkbox only if the same file will be stored in the same location next year. If the file is not in the specified location, UltraTax CS cannot attach it to the return.

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