1040-US ELF: Error Code - SEIC-F1040-501-02

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Error Reject Code SEIC-F1040-501-02:  Each 'QualifyingChildNameControlTxt' that has a value on Schedule EIC(Form 1040A or 1040), Line 1, and 'QualifyingChildSSN' that has a value on Line 2, must match that in the e-File database.

This error code indicates that the name and SSN entered for Child 1 and/or Child 2 on Schedule EIC do not match IRS records. To bypass this error, verify the name(s) and SSN(s) entered in the Dependents statement field on Screen 1040, located under the General folder.

If the information entered is correct, you may elect (with the taxpayer's consent) to bypass this error by marking the Imperfect return indicator (Error Code SEIC-F1040-501-01 and/or R0000-504-01, or F1040SSPR-504 only) checkbox on Screen ELF under the Electronic Filing folder.

By making this election, certain credits or exemptions may be disallowed, and return processing (including refund disbursement) may be delayed 4-6 weeks by the IRS.

If the dependent has multiple last names, see Publication 1346, Electronic Return File Specifications and Record Layouts for Individual Tax Returns. Section 7, Formats for Name Controls, Name Lines, & Addresses, has examples and general rules for determining name controls for Hispanic, Asian Pacific, Native American, estates, and hyphenated names.

Note: Advise the taxpayer (or legal representative) to contact the SSA at 800.772.1213 to verify the dependent's last name. If a correction is required, it may take the SSA up to 10 days to notify the IRS after they have updated their files. Afterward, an electronic return can be resubmitted.

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