1040-US: Entering a balance due on extension with no amount due

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How do I prepare an extension with a balance due but show an amount paid of 0 (zero) on Form 4868?


To show a balance due on extension different than what appears in the Balance due field on Form 4868, follow these steps:

  1. Open the client and use Screen Ext, in the Payments folder.
  2. Choose the appropriate code in the Calculate Extension field.
  3. If no balance due is calculating on Form 4868, enter the balance due in the Balance due on extension (Force) field or enter information in the appropriate input screens to have UltraTax CS calculate a balance due.
  4. In Screen Est, in the Payments folder, the amount you enter in the Paid with 4868 ext field is the amount that will appear in the Balance due field on Form 4868.

Note: UltraTax CS uses the amount from the Paid with 4868 ext field on Screen Est to populate the Amount paid with request for extension to file field on Form 1040, Page 2. If an amount is paid with the extension after completing the steps above, the amount paid will have to be entered on Screen 4868 in order for Form 1040 to calculate properly.

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