990-US ELF: Error code SB-F990-013-02

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Error code SB-F990-013-02: On Schedule B (Form 990, 990-EZ, or 990-PF), Part I each entry for "Contributors" must be complete. If Column (b) for an entry in Part I contains the value "Pd. 527(j)(1)" (checkbox "Pd527j1 is checked), then "Aggregate contributions" must have a value. If Column (b) for an entry contains a value other than "Pd. 527(j)(1)", then "Number", "Name", "Address" and "Aggregate contributions" must have a value and one or more of the checkboxes for Type of contribution - "Person", "Payroll" or "Noncash" must be checked.

This error is caused by missing contributor information on Schedule B. This error code will trigger if any part of the address on Schedule B is missing or Columns c and d are blank. This error can also be triggered because the state abbreviation does not match the zip code. If this is not the case, then verify that all other items mentioned in the error code message are correct.

To fix this error, go to View > Contributor/Officer > Contributor Information. Verify that the Do not disclose contributor name and address information field in the Contributor Information dialog is not marked. This field applies to Section 527 Political Organizations only.

Also, review the address on the Contributor Information tab. If the contributor's address is a domestic address, make sure the Foreign Address section is blank.

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