Sending Invoices from UltraTax CS to Practice CS (Integrated Invoices)

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Effective May 3rd, the 2017 version of UltraTax CS requires multi-factor authentication (MFA) to transmit e-files from CS Connect. Find out more.

You can export invoice information from UltraTax CS and import those billing amounts into Practice CS using Integrated Invoices.

Before invoices can be sent from UltraTax CS to Practice CS, the following setup steps must be performed in each program.

Setup In UltraTax CS

  1. Verify the UltraTax CS file locations. For details, see Setting File Locations for UltraTax CS and CS Professional Suite: Accounting integration with Practice CS.
  2. Choose Setup > Office Configuration and click the Status tab.
  3. The Integrated Invoices function uses the Client Status System in UltraTax CS. A status event must be setup to indicate that an invoice should be sent to Practice CS. Click either Add or Edit, depending on whether you will be creating a new status event for this purpose, or editing an existing one.
  4. Mark the With the log of this event, forward invoice to CS Practice Products option.
  5. Click Enter.
  6. Click OK.

Setup in Practice CS

  1. Choose Setup > Firm and click the Preferences tab.
  2. Mark the Integrate this Firm with other solutions checkbox. Note that this option could have already been selected previously for other integration functions. If you have more than one Practice CS firm database, this option can only be marked for one database and you will need to choose which database to integrate. Integrated invoices cannot be used without this option being marked.
  3. Verify the Practice CS file locations. For details, see Setting file locations.

Processing steps in UltraTax CS

  1. Open the client in UltraTax CS.
  2. Prepare the return and print or preview the return to ensure that the invoice information is calculated. The UltraTax CS invoice information can be found on Screen Letter, located under the General folder.
  3. Next choose Utilities > Client Status and click the Log Event tab.
  4. Click on the event you selected or added during the setup steps above and click Enter. Each time an eligible status event is recorded in UltraTax CS, the existing invoice information is forwarded to Practice CS.
  5. Click Done.

Retrieving and accepting invoices in Practice CS

  1. In Practice CS, choose Actions > Billing and click the Integrated Invoices tab. Any invoices sent from UltraTax CS should appear on this screen. If the Integrated Invoices tab does not appear, the Practice CS setup steps above have not been completed correctly.
  2. Select how you wish to allocate the WIP associated with the invoices by choosing a method in the Allocate invoice amounts by: field.
    • Creating adjustment entries: An adjustment entry records a billing transaction and also creates a positive Work-in-Process (WIP) adjustment for the amount of that billing. The result of this process is that accounts receivable is recorded for the client, but without the need for current (or future) WIP. You should use this method if no WIP has been recorded, and none will be entered in the future for the tax return(s) associated with this import. Note that you will also need to complete the Staff, Engagement, and Activity fields. The values entered will be used to record the billing and WIP adjustment transactions for firm management purposes. In other words, the staff and activity entered will receive the allocation / credit for the billing and adjustments.
    • Creating progress bill entries: A progress bill provides a way to record a bill without relieving any WIP. Practice CS records this progress billing as a negative WIP entry. It is used to track the amount you bill against any future work that will be entered. You should use this method if you do enter WIP transactions to record the activity spent working on the tax return(s) associated with this import, but all of the WIP has not yet been fully entered. Using this method will require that once all of the WIP has been entered, you must then close out the progress bill to allocate it to the accumulated WIP. This requires an additional procedure, but results in more accurate management information as the billings and adjustments are accurately allocated to the proper staff, and in the proper proportions. For more information on Progress Bills, refer to Billing without relieving WIP using progress bills. Note that you will also need to fill in the Staff, Engagement, and Activity fields. The values entered will be used on the initial billing transaction created. The billing will be recorded as having occurred for the Staff and Engagement / Activity entered only until the progress bill is finalized. At that point, the billings will be reallocated to the actual WIP transactions entered.
    • Partially billing WIP balance: This selection will bill the invoice against the client's existing WIP in Practice CS, leaving any difference as a remaining WIP carryover.
    • Completely billing WIP balance: This selection bills the entire WIP balance at the invoice amount, writing off any difference and leaving a WIP balance of zero.
  3. If the invoice allocation method chosen above is either partially or completely billing existing WIP, then you can also optionally specify which WIP transactions that you would like the billing amounts to relieve by filling in a particular Staff, Engagement, Project, and/or Activity. Any of these fields that are completed will act like a filter, and the invoice amount will be applied to those WIP transactions only. A common use of this feature would be to specify an Engagement so that the invoice amounts for your tax billing are only applied to WIP with an engagement of "Tax." If these fields are all left blank, then the invoice amount will be applied to all WIP transactions on the client. For more information regarding this, refer to the Practice CS help topic Relieving Specific Work In Process on Invoices Imported from UltraTax CS and CS Accounting Suite.
  4. Select the invoices you wish to import by marking the check box for each one. Note: To quickly select all the invoices shown, right-click and choose Select All.
  5. Click Accept Selected.
  6. Accepted invoices do not post automatically if the Approval/Posting process is selected for billing. If applicable, access the Review tab to review and post the imported invoices.
  7. If there are invoices on the Integrated Invoices screen you do not wish to import into Practice CS, select them by marking the check box for each one and click Reject Selected.


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