Troubleshooting Sending Returns or Organizers to NetClient CS Portals

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Once a web return or web organizer has been transmitted from UltraTax CS to the NetClient portal, it may be helpful to check that the return or organizer has reached its proper destination.

You may verify this by utilizing the "View Portal" feature if you have NetFirm administration privileges in your NetStaff account. Click here for more details.

Note: It can take Web Client Organizers up to 30 minutes to transmit from UltraTax CS to the client's NetClient portal. Tax returns should only take a few minutes.

Another method of verification is to enable e-mail notifications when returns or organizers are sent to the portal and then enabling automatic blind carbon copies to yourself or another person in your firm. To enable this option, click here for more details.

Before sending a return or organizer to the portal, you may want to make sure that the UltraTax client is linked to the correct portal, which is especially important if you have a return or organizer going to multiple portals. Click here to learn how to verify the NetClient portal destination.

If you run into errors when assembling or transmitting web returns or organizers, double check the required setup for NetClient CS integration.

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