UltraTax CS: Steps to follow when there are two NetClient CS portals for one client

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A duplicate NetClient CS portal can exist if an UltraTax CS current year return was pushed to the portal and then prior year returns were pushed after the fact. This can also be caused if a portal was manually created and then a return was pushed to the portal via UltraTax CS, which creates another portal.

The steps below will outline some steps on resolving duplicate portal issues and the different scenarios:

Duplicate portal where first portal doesn't contain any UltraTax CS returns but the second one does

  1. Assign the permissions to the 2nd portal that are currently setup on the 1st, like Document Presentation, FileExchange...etc.
  2. Delete the 1st portal as all the combined information will now be on the 2nd one.

Duplicate portal where different years of UltraTax CS returns exist for each

  1. Delete both portals by accessing the NetClient CS section under the Administration view (Administration button on the toolbar).
  2. Access Administration > Utilities > My Tax and delete any returns that exist for this client.
  3. Open the oldest year tax return and push it to the portal. This will create a new portal with the login format of FirmID@ClientID.
  4. Continue pushing returns until you get to the current year. If 2010 is your current year and you have selected the option to make the NetClient CS login their email address, when you push that year's return, it will convert the existing portal that is out there to the new format for their login and will add the current year return to it, which will already include all the prior years.
  5. Assign any additional permissions like Document Presentation, FileExchange...etc to the portal.

Duplicate portal created by UltraTax CS and retaining the manually created portal

  1. Open the year of UltraTax CS that you want to push a return for.
  2. Click Setup > Client Communications.
  3. Highlight the client and click the NetClient CS Portal button.
  4. In the Tax Return Destination column, check off the portal that you want to force this client's tax return to and click OK and OK.
  5. Delete the UltraTax CS created portal by accessing the NetClient section under the Administration view (Administration button on the toolbar).

Note: The NetClient CS override feature is only available for 2010 UltraTax CS and newer.

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