Printing input screens with client data

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  1. Choose File > Print Input Screens to open the Print Input Screens dialog.
  2. To print input screens for any client other than the open client, click the Clients button, select the appropriate client(s), and click OK.
  3. By default, UltraTax CS prints the input screens as determined in the Input Screen Printing dialog.

    To open the Input Screen Printing dialog:

    1. Choose the appropriate application type from the Setup menu. (For example, choose 1040 individual if you want to edit the collation for 1040 input screens.)

      Note: Your security configuration might be set up to restrict access to the application information dialogs. If so, you will be prompted to enter the master password before you can continue.

    2. Click the desired federal or state tab.
    3. Then, click the Input Screens button and choose Input Screen Printing from the drop-down list.

    To change the print collation for the open client and only for this print job, click the Options button, select the desired input screens, and click OK.

    Note: You cannot select different input screens for printing if you are printing input screens for more than one client.

  4. Mark the appropriate checkboxes to print the input screens to paper, to digital storage (in File Drawer, FileCabinet CS, or GoFileRoom, if licensed), or to a PDF file. Use the fields in the Print destinations group box to determine the data location for the digital storage copy or the file location for the PDF. 

    Note: The selected client(s) will not print to FileCabinet CS if the Deny FileCabinet CS access to client data checkbox is marked on the File > Client Properties > Advanced Properties > Restrict Access tab.

  5. Click the Print button.


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