Printing multiple pages on a single sheet of paper

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UltraTax CS helps you conserve paper by enabling you to print multiple pages of returns, input screens, and client documents on a single sheet of paper.

  1. Depending on whether UltraTax CS is set up for office-wide or user-defined print options, do one of the following:
    • Office-wide print options: Choose Setup > Office Configuration; if required, enter the master password and click OK; and then click the Print Options tab.
    • User-defined print options: Choose Setup > User Preferences and then click the Print Options tab.

      Note: This tab is available only if you are licensed for the network version of UltraTax CS.

  2. In the Print Options dialog or tab, click the Page Layout and Shading button.
  3. In the Page Layout and Shading dialog, click the tab that corresponds to the item for which you want to modify the page layout.
  4. In the Page layout group box, click the appropriate option.

    Note: For more information about each option, press SHIFT+F1 and click the option, or click an option and press F1.

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each tab, as desired.
  6. Click Done or OK.

Note: If you chose any of the duplex printing options, note that some combinations of operating system and printer cause the back page to print upside down. If this occurs, open the Select Printer dialog and select the appropriate option from the Invert duplex page 2 for field.

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