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Use this dialog to configure options related to email notifications sent to clients when their electronically filed tax return is accepted by the appropriate taxing agency and when you send clients documents to sign electronically.

To open this dialog, choose Setup > Client Communications, and click the ELF / eSign Options button.

Due to the variety of spam-blocking mechanisms in many email clients, automated messages may be prevented from reaching their intended recipients. If the recipient does not receive an email notification, have the recipient search their Spam or Junk folder, if available.

Fields & buttons

Automatically assign Email ELF Ack group box

Use this drop-down list to select when you want UltraTax CS to automatically enable electronic filing email notifications for all clients with email addresses entered in the Client Communications dialog. This applies to all new, current, and proforma'd clients whose email addresses are entered in UltraTax CS.

Use this drop-down list to indicate that Thomson Reuters should automatically send email notification when the return, or when the return and extension, is accepted by the taxing agency.

Email settings group box

Use this drop-down list to select the "on behalf of" email address (either the firm, assigned preparer, assigned reviewer, or assigned staff member) for electronic filing email notifications.

Mark the appropriate checkboxes to add the firm, preparer, reviewer, or staff email addresses as blind carbon copy (BCC) recipients for the electronic filing email notifications.

ELF Rejection settings group box

Prior to creating electronic files, mark the appropriate checkboxes to send a notification email to the selected recipients for e-file rejections of returns and extensions. The selected recipients must be assigned to the return (via the File > Client Properties or Utilities > Reassign Clients dialogs) and have a valid email address entered in the appropriate tab (Preparers, Reviewers, or Staff) on the Setup > Office Configuration dialog.

Electronic Signature group box

Use this drop-down list to select the email address (the firm, assigned preparer, assigned reviewer, or assigned staff member) for electronic signature notifications.

Mark this checkbox to receive an email notification when an electronic signature is successfully signed, an electronic signature fails due to expiration, the taxpayer declines to sign electronically, or the Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) fails.

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