Preparing Excel data for import into UltraTax CS statements

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Before you can import data from Excel (or another application) into UltraTax CS statements, you may need to take additional steps to prepare the information for processing.

Save the Excel spreadsheet containing the data you want to import to a local or network hard drive, or embed it in FileCabinet CS. If the spreadsheet was sent from a client as an attachment to an email message, use Excel to save the file to the hard drive.

Note: If the data is not in Excel format (it was created and saved in a application other than Excel), copy the data to the Windows Clipboard. To do this, open the spreadsheet file, highlight all the data to be imported, then choose Edit > Copy. Consult the help for the spreadsheet application for more information on copying a range of cells.

Formatting guidelines for Excel spreadsheets

Consider the following information when creating or formatting an Excel file that will be imported into an UltraTax CS statement. Also, review the examples of data that must be verified for information on formatting certain values.

Note: If the spreadsheet has column headings, include them in the range to copy so they will be available for reference when mapping columns in UltraTax CS.

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