706-US: Viewing the contents and summaries of all custom paragraphs (FAQ)

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How do I view the contents and summaries of all included custom paragraphs?


To view the complete contents of custom paragraphs in UltraTax CS, see Customizing client documents: custom paragraphs.

The following is a summary of each custom paragraph.

No. Description Paragraph Summary
1 Certified Mail (TL) Certified mail with postmarked receipts is recommended for timely filing
2 Extension Amounts (TL) Extension amounts are estimates of tax liability
3 Form 706-CE Paragraph (FI) Filing instructions for Form 706-CE
4 Not applicable This paragraph number is intentionally omitted
5 Not applicable This paragraph number is intentionally omitted
6 Mailing Envelope (TL) Enclosed are pre-addressed envelopes for mailing the return
7 Multiple Executor (FI) Signature information for the Multiple Executor Information Worksheet
8 Representative Paragraph (FI) Representative signature information for Form 706, Part 4
9 Schedule A-1 Paragraph (FI) Signature information for Schedule A-1
10 Schedule R-1 Paragraph (FI) Signature information for Schedule R-1
11 Private Delivery Services (TL) Information on how to send a return using a private delivery service
12 Statement (TL) Enclosed is an invoice for the preparation of the tax return
13 Privacy Policy (TL) Privacy of client information
39 Circular 230 Disclosure (TL) Any tax advice contained in this communication is not intended or written to be used to avoid imposed tax penalties.
43 IRS Phishing Email (G) IRS does not send out unsolicited emails requesting detailed personal information.


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