Screen Names - Identify Spouse, Beneficiary, Executor, Representative (706)

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Spouse, Beneficiary, Executor, Representative Information

Individual name

Enter first name and then last name. For data sharing purposes, do not include an honorific, e.g. Miss, Mr., Dr. etc. Information will automatically fill the preparer’s SSN, address information, and the PTIN fields when you select them using the drop-down list.

If an individual, relationship to decedent

Enter a description of the relationship of the individual, such as son or friend, to the decedent. The corresponding information on Form 706, Part 4, line 5 automatically populates the description if you enter an entity type of E for estate or T for trust.

If charitable organization, character of institution

The description that you enter about the type of chariable organization, such as church, school, or shelter, will be used to complete Schedule O.

Executor: Type

If this is an executor, enter the code that describes whether this is the executor or one of multiple executors signing the return. If you identify many executors on the 706 return, only the executor for whom you selected 1 will appear. The Multiple Executor Worksheet that prints with Forms 706, 706-NA, and 4768 lists the remaining executors.


If you leave this field blank the default title is Executor.

Authorization, engagement, and/or consent

Leaving the type field blank if this is an executor will disable this field.

E-mail address

Leaving the type field blank if this is an executor will disable this field.

Additional Beneficiary Information

Letter and Slipsheet from Executor

Enter X to generate a transmittal letter and slipsheet from the executor to the beneficiary.


The name you enter in this field will appear on the transmittal letter that UltraTax CS will generate with Form 8971, Schedule A. You don’t need to enter "Dear" because the program will automatically add a salutation. If you choose to leave this field blank, the transmittal letter will default to "Dear Beneficiary."

Schedule E, co-tenant letter

If an individual other than the surviving spouse owned joint property with the decedent, enter a letter, beginning with A, to identify the co-tenant on Schedule E, Part 2.

Percentage of: Residual estate

The amount you enter in the Specific amount received field is added to the percentage of residual estate calculated and any specific bequests before printing the total for each beneficiary on Form 706, Part 4. If you are allocating a percentage of the residual estate and the residual estate available to beneficiaries is zero, then only the amounts entered in the Specific amount received field and any specific bequests print on Form 706, Part 4.

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