Submitting preliminary applications with the Department of Labor (DOL) (5500)

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The DOL has developed EFAST2, an all-electronic system, to receive and display Forms 5500 and 5500-SF annual returns and reports. Form 5500-SF is a short form that small plans (generally fewer than 100 participants), which meet certain other conditions, can use. All signers must obtain EFAST2 electronic credentials (User Identification Numbers [User IDs] and Personal Identification Numbers [PINs]) to sign and/or submit Form 5500 or 5500-SF. Signers can obtain the electronic credentials by registering on the EFAST2 website at

Signers can use their User ID and PIN for any Form 5500 for which they are a signer. Signers need to complete the EFAST2 registration to obtain electronic signer credentials on the EFAST2 website only once. When the signer credentials are obtained, credentials do not need to be renewed. However, even if signers have a Signer Identification Number (now a User ID) and PIN for the EFAST-1 system for tax years 2008 and earlier, they must obtain new electronic credentials through the EFAST2 system; EFAST2 is a separate system from EFAST.

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