Entering a foreign address for a shareholder in electronic corporate returns

Alerts and notices

The IRS requires specific data for a shareholder's foreign address. To enter a shareholder's foreign address, choose View > Shareholder Information and enter information in the following fields in the Shareholder Information window.

In the Information group box, enter the following:

  1. Enter the street address in the Address 1 and Address 2 fields. For single-line addresses, enter data only in the Address 1 field.
  2. Enter the city in the City field.
  3. Leave the State and Zip Code fields blank.
  4. Enter the foreign province or foreign state in the Province or state field.
  5. Select the appropriate two-digit country code in the Country code field.
  6. Enter the foreign postal code in the Postal code field.
  7. Enter a period (.) in the Resident state at year end field.

Note: If the shareholder's address is in Canada, you can enter the Canadian province in the State field and leave the Province or state and Country code fields blank.

For more information about foreign shareholder addresses, refer to IRS Publication 4163, Modernized e-File (MeF) Information for Authorized IRS e-file Providers for Business Returns.