Preparing 1120 federal extensions for electronic filing

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To prepare an electronic 1120 federal extension, complete the steps below

  1. Enter the client's tax data as necessary, making sure you adhere to the guidelines for entering data.
  2. In the folders block, click the Electronic Filing folder to open Screen ELF.
  3. In the Extension Information section, enter X in the File extension electronically field.

    Note: To request an electronic funds withdrawal to pay a balance due extension, complete the appropriate fields in the Extension Information section (including PIN information). Also, complete the bank account information in Screen Bank in the General folder. You can make only the entire payment for the balance due on Form 7004.

  4. Choose File > Print Extensions.
  5. Mark the Create electronic file checkbox.

    Note: To create the extension or check the extension for electronic filing errors without printing forms, mark only the Create electronic file checkbox.

  6. Click the Options button to open the Print Options dialog, and click the Extension Print Options tab. 
  7. Click the appropriate option to generate the first or second extension.
  8. Click OK to return to the Print Extensions dialog. 
  9. Click the E-File button to check for errors and create the electronic file. To check for errors without creating the electronic file, click the Check E-File button.


  • To prepare an electronic 1120 federal extension for a consolidated return, you do not have to select all members of the consolidated group in File > Print Extensions as you would for a consolidated return. Instead, after completing the data entry for each member, open the consolidated return and follow the steps above. See Preparing 1120 Consolidated returns for electronic filing for more information.
  • Electronic filers can file extensions early and set a date for automatic payment if there is a balance due. However, if they file an extension electronically after the original due date, the payment date must be the same as the date the extension is transmitted.
  • UltraTax CS defaults to the previous extension print selection, so you may need to reset your extension print options. If you are prompted that “The selected clients will not be printed because their entity does not support the extension selected” when you print or create an electronic extension, choose File > Print Extensions, mark the Create electronic file checkbox, click the Options button, click the Extension Print Options tab, and confirm that the First extension option is selected in the Which group box.
  • You should reset your extension print options to First extension after you print or create a second extension.

For information about resolving electronic filing extension errors and rejections, see the E-File Help Center > Resolving E-File Errors > 1120 Corporations page.

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