Form limitations for 1041 electronic filing

Alerts and notices

For this tax year, the IRS will not accept returns for electronic filing under the following conditions.

  • The return is an agency trust.
  • The return is a bankruptcy estate.
  • The return is for a pooled income fund.
  • The return is a charitable trust filing Form 5227.
  • The return is a trust filing Form 1040NR.
  • The return is a Qualified Funeral Trust.
  • The return has a Form 1041-A, Trust Accumulation of Charitable Amounts.
  • Any date field that displays "Various" instead of an actual date when the specifications require a date. If the specifications allow a blank date, UltraTax CS will convert the "Various" to blank in the electronic file.
  • More than one Form 4970 is in the return.
  • The 1041 tax payment is greater than $99,999,999.
  • The estimated tax payment is greater than $99,999,999.

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