Using the Practitioner Personal Identification Number (PIN) signature (1040)

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Follow this procedure to use the Practitioner PIN to sign electronically filed 1040 returns.

You must mark the Practitioner PIN Program filer checkbox in Setup > Office Configuration > E-Filing tab > ERO button prior to following this procedure. Marking this checkbox is a one-time-only step.

  1. Complete the return as you would ordinarily and print out a copy for the client and yourself to review.
  2. Click the Screen PIN tab in the Electronic Filing folder.
  3. Enter the ERO PIN, which is a self-selected set of five digits. You may choose any five digits except for 00000. The actual ERO PIN is an 11-digit number, of which the first six digits is your IRS supplied EFIN and the last five digits consist of the self-selected digits entered in Screen PIN.
  4. Have the client(s) complete the Taxpayer (and Spouse, if necessary) PIN fields. Note that the PIN consists of five self-selected numbers of any combination except 00000.

When using the Practitioner PIN, the IRS requires that you sign Part III at the bottom of the Form 8879, IRS e-file Signature Authorization. This verifies that you have confirmed the identity of the taxpayer (and spouse, if applicable) and met all of the requirements of the Practitioner PIN program.

Note: As the Electronic Return Originator (ERO), you may enter the taxpayer / spouse PINs if you have the taxpayer's (and spouse's, if necessary) written signature on Form 8879, which will print with the return if you elect to use the PIN. Do not mail this form to the IRS unless requested, but keep it with your records. If you do not complete all of the Screen PIN fields, UltraTax CS generates a diagnostic and the PIN fields are not included in the electronic return. If you want to print an incomplete Form 8879, mark the Print electronic filing PIN signature forms field in Screen PIN, or select the option to print the form when any data is present by choosing Setup > 1040 Individual, clicking the Tax Return button in the Collation group box, selecting Form 8879 from the list, and clicking the Always if data option.

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