Setting up UltraTax CS to use bank products for 1040 electronic returns

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If you enrolled with Refund Advantage or EPS Financial, you must set up UltraTax CS to use bank products for 1040 electronic returns.

  1. Choose Setup > 1040 Individual.
  2. Click the Federal tab in the 1040 Product Information dialog.
  3. Click the Bank Products button.
  4. Mark the Use Electronic Refund Disbursement Service checkbox. This enables all of the fields in Screen RAL and allows you to designate a bank product for any client.


    • When you mark this checkbox, you can view status information about electronically filed returns that utilize bank products in the Bank Products section of the UltraTax CS Home Page.
    • The option to enable bank products with 1040 electronic returns is not available on a client-by-client basis.
    • You can access Screen RAL, which is used to complete the application, only if you use the Electronic Filing utility to transmit returns.
    • When using a bank product for a state return, if you use a federal option for the Refund Advantage or EPS Financial refund option, you must mark the Use Refund Advantage/EPS Financial for refund deposit field in the applicable state's Screen Bank to apply the federal and state combination.
  5. Enter any applicable fees in the Bank Products dialog.

    Note: Enter a service bureau fee in the Service bureau fee field only if your firm is registered with Refund Advantage or EPS Financial as a firm that works through a service bureau.

  6. Click the Validate button in the Bank Products dialog to retrieve enrollment information from Refund Advantage or EPS Financial, such as approved products and the routing transit number (RTN).

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