Suppressing 1065 federal partnership electronic files when creating state electronic files

Alerts and notices

By default, UltraTax CS creates a federal partnership electronic file when you create the electronic file via the Print Returns or Print Extensions dialog if you mark the File this return electronically or File extension electronically checkbox in Screen ELF.

You can create state-only and city-only electronic files without the federal return. This option is useful when you are not electronically filing the federal return or when you must re-file the state return due to errors.

To create only a state electronic file for a client without creating the federal electronic file, enter X in the Suppress the creation of: Federal partnership electronic files when only filing the FinCEN 114 or a state return or extension electronically field in Screen ELF.

Note: You also have options for suppressing the automatic creation of state electronic returns when electronically filing only a federal return.

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