1120-US ELF: IRS error code X0000-005 (FAQ)

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What does IRS error code X0000-005 mean?


IRS error code X0000-005, The return and The Transmission (XML) Documents, must conform to the version of the XML Schema they specify. The version for the transmission document is specified in the Transmission Header. The version of the return document is specified in the root element of the return.

This error code means that your return is not conforming to the IRS specifications for electronic filing. Make sure you review and clear all diagnostics. Some of the things to check are:

  • If using the Practitioner PIN option, the ERO and Taxpayer PIN numbers in Screen ELF must be five numeric characters (other than 00000).
  • Statements that have a description and no amount or an amount without a corresponding description.
  • Statements that have a blank line item.

If, after checking the above items and clearing all your diagnostics, you are still getting this error code or you do not find any of the above items in your return, you need to call CS Support at 800.968.0600 to find out why your return is being rejected.