Electronically filing consolidated C Corporation and QSSS extensions

Alerts and notices

To print or electronically file a consolidated S Corporation extension, follow the procedure outlined below.

  1. Open the consolidated return.
  2. Verify that all diagnostic messages related to demographic information or to the extension have been addressed and cleared.

    Note: To view the diagnostics, press CTRL+D.

  3. Choose File > Print Extensions, and mark the Create electronic file checkbox.
  4. Click E-File.


  • When you process a consolidated S Corporation extension, you do not need to select the member clients' returns via File > Print Extensions as you would for a consolidated return.
  • For all QSSS extensions (the Parent and Subsidiary client returns), mark the Suppress creation of: Federal electronic file when only filing the FinCEN 114 or a state return or extension electronically checkbox in Screen ELF in the Electronic Filing folder.
  • UltraTax CS will not complete the Consolidated Group Worksheet for a consolidated S Corporation client. The worksheet applies only to consolidated C Corporation clients, because QSSS Corporations are deemed to liquidate and no longer exist for tax purposes. Thus, QSSS Corporations are no longer considered a separate legal entity for federal tax purposes and do not need to be listed in the worksheet.