Exporting apportionment information to Excel (1120)

Alerts and notices

The Excel Export utility enables you to quickly and efficiently export apportionment information to a Microsoft Excel workbook. You are required to complete this step before you can enter or modify the information in the Excel workbook (following the required guidelines) and import the updated data back into the UltraTax/1120 Apportionment Information window.

Video overview

The following video outlines the procedure for exporting apportionment information to Excel below.

Steps to export apportionment information to Excel

  1. Open the UltraTax CS client that contains the apportionment information you want to export to Excel.
  2. Attach all applicable state and city returns to the client. Although this step is not required, completing this step first enables you to benefit from automatic field shading, column footing, and row cross-foot formatting.
  3. Choose Utilities > 1120 Excel Export.
  4. In the Save in field, enter a path for the Excel file location.
  5. Enter a file name for the Excel file in the File name field. The default file name is the same as the client ID.

    Make sure you use unique file names when you export both shareholder and apportionment information for the same client.

  6. In the Information group box, click the Apportionment Data option.
  7. Click the Export button.


  • If the Excel file with the name you specified in step 5 is currently open in Excel, you will be prompted to close the file before you export the information.
  • If the Excel workbook file already exists, you will be prompted to confirm the replacement of the file.

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