Requirements for Form 8903 reporting members (1120)

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A reporting member is the member of an EAG selected to complete Form 8903 and allocate the deduction for the EAG. If a C Corporation is a reporting member, the corporation must complete Form 8903, lines 10 through 16 and lines 18 through 22, for the entire group. This group member must also complete the following steps.

  1. Enter the portion of the deduction allocated to the other members of the EAG as a negative number on line 24.
  2. Complete lines 23 and 25.
  3. Attach a schedule showing how the reporting member calculated its own QPAI.
  4. Attach a schedule that shows how the DPAD was calculated for the group and each member's name, EIN, and share of DPAD.
  5. Provide a copy of the group DPAD calculation to the other members of the group, who must also attach the statement to their tax return.

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