Shareholder spreadsheet

Alerts and notices

The Shareholder spreadsheet displays the total as well as each shareholder's pro-rata share of beginning-of-year shares, ownership percentage, shareholder health insurance, distributions, deemed dividends, loan repayments, beginning-of-year stock basis, and beginning-of-year loan basis.

  • To add a new shareholder, click the Add Add button button and enter the shareholder's information in the Shareholder tab.
  • To delete a shareholder, highlight the appropriate shareholder in the Shareholder Name column, then click the Delete Delete button button.
  • To update a shareholder's information, highlight the appropriate name in the Shareholder Name column. Then, update the shareholder's information in the tabs at the bottom of this window. The information entered in the tabs is used to complete both the federal and state returns. UltraTax CS automatically updates the information in the Shareholder spreadsheet when data is entered in the Shareholder and Other Info tabs at the bottom of this window.