Viewing the weighted average calculations for shareholders

Alerts and notices
  1. Choose File > Open Client to open the desired S Corporation client.
  2. Click the Shareholder Information Shareholder Information button button (or choose View > Shareholder Information) to open the Shareholder Information window.
  3. In the Shareholder tab at the bottom of the window, click the Change of Ownership button to open the Change of Ownership dialog.
  4. Click the View Computation button to open the Shareholder Weighted Average Computation dialog.
  5. From the drop-down list for the field at the top of this dialog, select the shareholder whose weighted average calculations you want to view.


  • UltraTax CS uses Section 1377(a) to determine each shareholder's pro-rata share of shareholder items, unless an election under Section 1377(a)(2) or Regulation 1.1368-1(g)(2)(i) is made. To calculate shareholders' weighted average percentages, UltraTax CS performs several steps.
  • To print the Ownership computation report, choose Shareholder > Print Reports and click the Ownership computation option. This report details the shareholders' ownership calculations.